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The Home of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMCs), Polymeric Nanocomposites and Artificial Muscles - Biomimetic Soft Robotic Actuators, Sensors, Energy Harvesters & Smart Multi-Functinal Materials             

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1-Deluxe Beginners Package Consisting

of Four Samples of Polymeric Artificial Muscles

(0.5cmx3cmx0.2mm) plus the Variable Voltage/Frequency Power Supply and Dynamic Signal Generator and Muscle Samples Mounting Device/Alligator Electrodes,

Special Offer: 10% discount for academic and research institutions.

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Dear ERI Customers: Please contact biomimetics@environmental-robots.com for any immediate inquiry or to place an order for our ionic polymer metal composites (IPMC) products. You can also call (207) 478 9383 to place an order. 

We are pleased to introduce a new line of products called IPMC-based Smart Breathing Fabrics with Actuation, Sensing and Energy Harvesting Ability.  

Environmental Robots, Inc. (ERI), is the World's Leader In Manufacturing, R&D and Sales Of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMCs) as Biomimetic Robotic Soft Actuators, Sensors and Energy Harvesters, Smart Multi-functional Matrials and Artificial Muscles, Nanocomposites and Ionic Polymeric Conductor Composites (IPCCs) As Distributed Biomimetic Nano Sensors, Nano Actuators, Nano Robots, Nano Transducers, Energy Harvesters, Power Augmenters and Polymeric Artificial Muscles. IPMCs Are Essentially Bio-Compatible for Medical Applications and  are MRI-Compatible because of the Platinum electrodes.

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See the amazing self-powered sensing and energy harvesting of 





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Please see these amazing videos listed below of polymeric muscles in air and in particular the world's first pair of undulating wings in air :

Wing Muscles In Air-1,  Undulating Wings In Air-1 ,  Wing  Muscles In Air-2 ,  

Flexible Robotic ArmMorphing Antenna In Air  ,  PAN Muscles Contracting over 100% ,  Nano Nano Muscles Contracting over 1000%Jelly Fish In Air


K9-K12 Outreach for Artificial Muscles (under construction


New!! See the Amazing Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMCs) Products on our Product Page. ERI Management is also willing to work with any company, organization or university towards product development for domestic, industrial or medical applications:

1-Artificial Jelly Fish/Squid can be used for underwater energy harvesting, propulsion, biomimetic robotic swimming and environmental data collection,  see these videos to see them in action: 

JellyFish/Squid-1, (Underwater IPMC JellyFish/Squid Rising To The Surface),

JellyFish/Squid-2, (IPMC JellyFish/Squid On A Post Dancing In Air-1),


JellyFish/Squid-3, (IPMC JellyFish/Squid On A Post Dancing In Air-2), 


JellyFish/Squid-4, (IPMC JellyFish/Squid Suspended In Air and Dancing )



2-MicroCatheter/Guidewire distal tip benders/steerer in a saline solution simulating blood, for endovascular and cardiovascular surgery using fluoroscopy, see these videos to see them in action:

MicroCatheter/Guidewire Soft Distal Tip Steerer-1, (In Saline Solution),

MicroCatheter/Guidewire Soft Distal Tip Steerer-2, (Manipulated In Solution),  

MicroCatheter/Guidewire Soft Distal Tip Steerer-3, (Tip In Motion In Solution)

MicroCatheter/Guidewire Soft Distal Tip Steerer-4 (Guidewire Inserted In Catheter),

For other interesting Videos of Artificial Muscles visit: The Home of Artificial Muscle Research Initiative (AMRI),  (www.artificialmuscles.org)